IvanoIvano Di Biasi provided some updates on the ongoing work on the suite.

The work on SEOZoom V2.0, the development of the new suite that will be released by the end of the year, is at an advanced stage.

In conjunction with the release of the new suite, databases of other foreign markets will also be opened, in addition to the one already active in the UK.

At the moment, the starting databases for other markets have already been created and will be considerably expanded before the release:

  • USA: 70Mln keywords
  • Germany: 20Mln keywords
  • Spain: 16Mln keywords
  • France: 20Mln keywords

In the UK, the database now counts over 100.000.000 keywords!

The activity on this front continues with the work to expand the server and engine infrastructures and collect metrics for each market.