Time Machine

Time Machine

Go back in time to study changes in SERP
Time Machine
The time machine to analyze changes on Google

The Time Machine is able to travel through time on Google and SERPs and is the tool that allows you to discover changes in traffic and site ranking in the selected time frame.

With this tool you can make comparisons with the current situation, check the performance of your content, view the backlinks received from pages, detect any Google penalties to URLs and, from a strategic point of view, check the performance and strategies of competitors in the same period to understand and interpret the changes in the scenario.

One tool to improve the SEO strategy

Thanks to this tool you can interpret the data and changes of the SERP and, in particular, the movements of the queries and pages that interest you, retracing the highlights that may have affected a decline or growth of your site.

So you can intercept the period when there was a change in the ranking of keywords, try to understand what factors determined it, detect problems and implement solutions and countermeasures.

Time Machine SEOZoom
Analyzes competitors and their strategies

By entering the domain of a competitor who is getting good results, with Time Machine you can find out how and when the competitor site started to gain traffic; or, you can find out which sites have suffered falls and especially when it happened, to take advantage of the falls of opponents and find new profitable corners in which to enter your site.

Analizza Competitor
Travel through time and optimize your results

Launch a Time Machine analysis in a time frame to discover changes on site and in SERP and determine possible causes:

    • See the loser keywords, the keywords that have suffered a drop in the selected period.
    • Study loser pages, falling pages with keywords that lose placement.
    • Examine the keyword winners, your keywords that have improved the ranking.
    • Deep into the winner pages, pages and URLs that have earned traffic.
    • Indentify the backlinks received from your pages.
    • Check if your URLs have suffered Google penalties.


Loser Keyword

Keywords that have lost ranking


Loser Pages

The falling pages that have lost traffic


Winner Keywords

Keywords that have improved Google positioning


Winner Pages

The winner pages that have gained traffic