There are a lot of images we are packing up in our suitcase back Milan’s SMXL 2019, but probably two specific ones will forever be etched in our memory, two selfies that perfectly sum up what has been and how actually did this big event go. On one side, the shot with the audience that attended our SEO Doomsday, on the other the one portraying Ivano with all international speakers at the end of the first day.

Positive outcome for the SEO sessions at SMXL Milan 2019

Let’s start right from this second selfie: our CEO, as we said while presenting SMXL Milan 2019 in the past few weeks, has been chosen as chairman of the SEO area and coordinated all interventions in order to create a true training course for all attendees to enjoy. And the speakers – among others Aleyda Solis, Jono Anderson, Jamie Alberico, Gianluca Fiorelli, Jacopo Matteuzzi, Carrie Rose and last but not least Bill Slawski –  gladly followed this path and offered their contribution (original and purposely created for the occasion, we will never stress this enough!) understanding the importance to get past the old and unrelated spot speeches

Insane suggestion: a big SEO event in Naples?

Besides confirming their great professionalism and expertise, these SEO (and not only) experts have shown deep humanity and simplicity, lingering to talk with the attendees, taking selfies and pictures with their fans, givin time and real attention to whoever approached them. And, as will surely know who is already following Ivano on social medias, there could be an interesting tail to these relationships born and reinforced in Milan, because – among serious matters and jokes – has also been launched the idea to bring this kind of SEO Training down to our Naples ( expanding the invite to Rand Fishkin too!)!

Great feedbacks on SEO Doomsday

We say this with a pinch of pride: if this virtual project (ambicious and maybe crazy) should ever be finalized it would surely not lack in audience! in Milan as well, infact, every single space dedicated to SEOZoom recorded an over-soldout, where the organization had to downright add more lines of seatings to allow every interested participant to follow our team’s speeches.

Sold-out and mesmerized audience

In the end, over 250 people has been involved in the SEO Doomsday, listening to the speeches of Elisa Contessotto, Giuseppe Liguori, Carmine Di Donato and Gennaro Mancini, asking questions and interacting with the SEOZoom team as a whole to gain suggestions, opinions and support on everything SEO, on page and offpage, from keyword research to link building, passing through ideas to produce quality contents and write effective online articles up until tecnical SEO and the optimization of the crawl budget.

In this occasion as well, like back at the Rimini’s WMF , we have almost literally and surely tangibly felt all the interest and attention that gravitate around our daily work. Obviously this gives us a reason more to always keep on working and be committed to make SEOZoom even bigger, with every single fiber of our passion!

On behalf of the SEOZoom team as a whole, all that is left is to give you a last, huge goodbye: see you on the next event… or, as always, online on all our channels!

Foto di gruppo SEOZoom

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