What is the status of the SEO today? What are the main challenges for those who work in this sector? What are the biggest difficulties encountered, also because of Google’s moves? These are just some of the themes that will be at the center of The World Search Marketing Conference + Expo, or simply SMXL Milan 2021, the now traditional appointment with the two-day SEO, SEM, Advertising and Social Media training that brings together some of the best digital marketing experts in the world.

SMXL 2021, the dates of the event

Again this year offered in live streaming, the Milanese event will be held on November 11 and 12 and maintains the format already used for the last editions of 2020 and 2019: that is, three different chairmen leading the SMXL parallel session. The novelty is represented by the debut of Rudy Bandiera for social media sessions, while Gianpaolo Lorusso is confirmed for the Paid ones and the SEOZoom CEO Ivano Di Biasi for the SEO theme.

In recent years SMXL Milan has involved over 10,000 participants and 1,500 speakers, gaining a central role among digital training events at European level thanks to track sessions on SEO, SEM, Social Media, Analytics, Web Marketing, CRO that allow you to deepen and acquire skills, techniques and working tools more effective and used internationally, thanks to the comparison with leading experts and specialists in web marketing.

The SEO protagonists at SMXL 2021

And so, let’s discover some of the great protagonists of SMXL 2021, and in particular those who will animate the SEO sessions run by Ivano Di Biasi.

Inaugurating the event will be the interview with Barry Schwartz, CEO of Rustybrick and especially among the most well-known observers and popularizers of SEO (he is the founder of Search Engine Roundtable and collaborates with Search Engine Land, after working previously for Search Engine Watch), who will answer a number of questions on various issues related to the present and future of the “search engine optimization”work .

Other important interventions will follow, thanks to a parterre formed, among others, by Victor Karpenko (CEO of SEOPROFY), Irina Serdyukovskaya, Simon Schnieders (Founder of Blue Array SEO), Dan Taylor, Stan Lenzen, Aleyda Solis, Jason Barnard, Veruska Anconitano, Gianluca Fiorelli; and then, again, Flavio Mazzanti, Massimo Giacchino, Marco Ronco, Elia Zanon, William Sbarzaglia, Verdiana Amorosi, Filippo Sogus, Alessio Pomaro, Emanuele Arosio and our Elisa Contessotto, all names that should be familiar even to those who attend our social community and the webinars of the SEOZoom Academy.

They will be joined, in parallel sessions, by other experts such as Ginny Marvin (recently appointed Google Ads product liaison, or public voice for Paid on the search engine), John Lee of Microsoft Advertising, Andrea Cruz Lopez, Susie Marino, Aaron Levy, Julia Riml, Lars Maat, Pauline Jakober, Anu Adegbola and so many others.

The topics of the SMXL 2021: the SEO today and future challenges

In creating the program for the SEO session, Ivano Di Biasi tried to tie the interventions with a common red thread, starting from an assumption – “The SEO is a simple and multidisciplinary subject in a complex and variable ecosystem” – to open dialogue and dialogue with 20 national and international professionals, who will bring their wealth of experience and expertise to different contexts and branches to try to define good practices to refer to in our everyday work.

The path imagined will then serve to understand what is the state of the SEO nowadays, but also what are the daily challenges that are faced on search engines in the three main areas of the activity (onpage, onsite, offsite) so speaking of geolocation and international activities, the study of entities, semantic search, intent match and brand knowledge panels, but also the importance of intercepting trends in a timely manner and taking advantage of opportunities through data and analytical insights, to secure the site from technical scanning errors or problems that make the user experience negative, until the attempt to debunk some of the myths and beliefs that still linger around this matter.