SEO Spider

SEO Spider

Check the SEO health of your site

Technical and diagnostic SEO analysis

The SEO Spider is the tool to scan, review and evaluate the performance of your site: the examination highlights the errors, the problems encountered and all the technical aspects that can affect the performance of the site and the positioning on search engines.

SEO Spider
Discover the SEO health status of your site

The SEOZoom spider performs a full scan of your site just like the Google crawler would, and shows parameters invisible to the naked eye that describe the structural characteristics of the domain.

This is a technical and diagnostic SEO analysis of your site that helps you to have a detailed picture of the health status of the project: the spider performs checks on the SEO on page and lists the main problems encountered, grouped for convenience in errors and warnings.

Play a professional SEO check

The SEOZoom spider is a complete tool to improve the site, make in-depth SEO audits, check which pages are indexed by Google, identify errors in structure, fix problems of various kinds that can hinder the scanning of GoogleBot and waste crawl budget.

SEO Spider - SEOZoom

Thanks to the integration with the other tools of the suite, you can get information about each URL scanned, immediately displaying the number of keywords, traffic, internal and external links to the page, canonicals and other details essential to your strategy of optimization SEO.