The heart of your SEO activity beats here: SEOZoom keeps everything under control. With the daily checks carried out by the tool, your work will be easier and you will always have all the data you need to plan your strategy, check its effectiveness and make better decisions.


Analyze trends and start by studying the general situation. Let's focus on opportunities right from the start. SEOZoom helps you plan improvements quickly.

  • Analyze trends and global progress


The project overview gives you a comprehensive look on your work and the chance to monitor every day the keywords that are most important to you.

  • Daily checks
  • Monitor your daily improvements


Winner, Loser, potential keywords: we have all the necessary grouping directions to make you immediately find the data you really want to see.

  • Less fragmentation and more useful info on each keyword


Do you know what the main problem with a website is? The pages that make the most are not highlighted, the crawl budget is dispersed and there is no real strategy on text improvings. The CONTENT area solves your problem making you analyze, monitor and optimize the performance of the site’s web pages inside the project.
  • Pages with potential and keywords waiting to be optimized already reported
  • Prospects on the worst pages to help you see what is not working properly
  • Specific tool on cannibalization: fix what is stalling you

SEO Spider

The technical audit is ready: our powerful spider identifies technical problems and evaluates each page in real time by combining scan data with those that recognize its authority. You don’t have to install any software, our spider is completely accessible online and you will also launch multiple website scans at the same time.
  • Detect your website’s errors
  • Find duplicate TAGs that can create SEO problems
  • Discover internal links pointing to non-existent pages


From a general overview up until every detail on the quality of the links and their peculiarities. SEOZoom organizes the backlinks of the website in specific analysis showing you the most linked pages and most frequent anchors. If there should be a spam risk, you will find it out immediately by simply opening our dashboard.
  • Overviews with aggregated data
  • Analysis on all detected links
  • Link Monitor: an additional tool to check on sites

...and many other tools to study performance and plan optimizations