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200 signals used by Google for ranking
Guide to the 200 ranking factors on Google

On our articles we often talked about the ranking factors used by Google, key element to whoever approaches SEO activities or, simply, is going to work online. Therefore, it is now time to compile a ...

How to do Link Building
What is the link building and how to do this SEO activity

That links are pivotal in order to rank on Google it is kind of an open secret, something that everyone knows and often minimize, mostly because the methodology to gain references could escalate in discouraged ...

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Consigli per file speciali nel robots
Robots.txt and special files, the rules to avoid mistakes

Let’s go back to SEO basics thanks to the new #askGoogleWebmaster pill, the series in which John Mueller answers a question asked by the SEO community. In the last episode we talk about the file ...

come fare valutazione euristica ecommerce
Using the heuristic evaluation to improve the usability of the eCommerce

It is called heuristic evaluation and it is a method developed in the 1990s by the Danish computer scientist Jakob Nielsen to simplify the search for website usability problems: if applied effectively, its principles can ...

Consigli sul crawl Budget di Google
Doubts and false myths: Google clarifies matters about crawl budget

It is the crawl budget the central theme of the second appointment with SEO Mythbusting season 2 (recorded before the Covid-19 emergency, just to be precise), in which the Google Developer Advocate, Martin Splitt, tries ...

Best practices URL AMP
The best practices for the URL structure of AMP pages

The management of the URL structure is a sensitive topic for any site, but it assumes a specific value when it comes to setting the strategy related to AMP pages, because there are some rules ...

Migliorare EAT del sito con i dati strutturati
Exploiting structured data to reinforce the site's perceived EAT

Just a few days ago we published a summary of the guidelines that Google submits to its quality raters for the evaluation of SERP quality and results, also dealing quickly with the issue of EAT ...

4 tattiche SEO sottovalutate
The four most underrated SEO tactics

When we get to work on optimizing the site, we can make a basic mistake: focus on just a few more obvious or already known aspects and refer to generic best practices, or, on the ...

Google e Bing, due motori di ricerca simili
Google and Bing, the connections and false myths between the two search engines

After a year from the first season, is back on Youtube the series “SEO Mythbusting” in which Martin Splitt discusses with a guest of SEO related issues and search engine activities. In this first episode ...

Fattori di ranking su YouTube
Not only Google Search: how works the SEO for YouTube

It is not all about Google Search, the classic search engine that is cross and delight of our business: in recent times is also taking off more and more the display of multimedia resources of ...

Chi sono i quality raters di google
Who are the Google quality raters and what guidelines they follow

A team of over 10 thousand people, active worldwide and engaged in a specific task: evaluate the results provided by Google in the light of the guidelines provided by the company, to find out whether ...

Consigli per migliorare il profilo GMB
How to make the most out of your Google My Business tab

It was one of the tools of the Big G ecosystem that has suffered most the backlash of the Coronavirus, and perhaps for this reason is getting a special attention, with the release of new ...