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200 signals used by Google for ranking
Guide to the 200 ranking factors on Google

On our articles we often talked about the ranking factors used by Google, key element to whoever approaches SEO activities or, simply, is going to work online. Therefore, it is now time to compile a ...

How to do Link Building
What is the link building and how to do this SEO activity

That links are pivotal in order to rank on Google it is kind of an open secret, something that everyone knows and often minimize, mostly because the methodology to gain references could escalate in discouraged ...

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I dati strutturati e i markup da usare per i siti
The list of the structured data showed on Google Research

Around 30 features, in constant evolution, in order to offer users rich information on the just performed query, and that can represent an important visibility opportunity for sites. Google is more and more investing on ...

Uso SEO dei tag per grassetto e corsivo
Fonts and SEO: how to use bold and cursive in the right way

It is quite an old topic, been talked about for over ten years now, but it still happens sometimes that some user asks us: “Is there any difference in the use of the strong and ...

Suggerimenti per verificare la proprietà in Search Console
How to verify site ownership on Google Search Console

New episode of the Google Search Console Training series on YouTube, in which Daniel Waisberg leads us to uncover the secrets of the old webmaster tools the US company supplies to everyone owning or managing ...

Come funziona la ricerca di Google
A Google video explains how Research works

It almost looks like an answer to the users’ difficulties we reported a few days ago: the episode number 4 of the “Search for Beginners” series that Mountain View company published on its YouTube channel ...

Aggiornare i contenuti per fare nuovo traffico
Refreshing evergreen contents to acquire new traffic

We publish endlessly, convinced that relentlessly adding contents will automatically make our site’s organic traffic grow. That is what Ivano Di Biasi was saying in his unscheduled intervention at the SMXL Milan 2019, talking about ...

Indexing and ranking on Google
How does Google Research work: indexing and ranking

It is the daily work tool for  SEO, the reference all SEO specialists look at monitoring its variations (perhaps using the most reliable rank tracker out there!) and the pain of all those are not ...

Google chiarisce l'importanza degl heading
Google: headings are useful to clarify the paragraphs' focus

John Mueller’s words on the “Google titles” issue made a lot of clash a month ago, when he addressed the role that the content headings (the subtitles we usually give to the different paragraphs we split ...

Consigli per usare Google Search Console
How to use Google Search Console, official suggestions

The official Google Webmasters channel on YouTube is richer and richer in info and contents: in the last few weeks only we saw (and recounted) all the advice coming from the Search for beginners series ...

On page optimization of sites
On page SEO, what is it and how to optimize this aspect

To work on the page and internal elements before to intervene on activities external to the site: this is both one of the first suggestions we offer whoever is now going to approach the SEO ...

Consigli per ottimizzare immagini e prestazioni
Images and site performance, optimization's advice

At the risk of sounding repetitive, today our blog is going to cover again the topic of the SEO optimization interventions and, particularly, to the tools and techniques that can help us optimize images and ...