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What is SEO and what it means to optimize a website are the first issues that are addressed in this category, which collects all the insights on the subject of Search Engine Optimization, site optimization for search engines, and on Web marketing.

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Through our pages you can discover the meaning of SEO, learn about its evolutions, learn the basics of how to make a site perform, familiarize yourself with the SEO utilities, find out which are the SEO errors to avoid and which are the most effective tips to improve your pages and get more with your project.

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200 signals used by Google for ranking
Guide to the 200 ranking factors on Google

On our articles we often talked about the ranking factors used by Google, key element to whoever approaches SEO activities or, simply, is going to work online. Therefore, it is now time to compile a ...

How to do Link Building
What is the link building and how to do this SEO activity

That links are pivotal in order to rank on Google it is kind of an open secret, something that everyone knows and often minimize, mostly because the methodology to gain references could escalate in discouraged ...

Latest articles

Studio sull'attention economy
Attention economy, exploiting videos and multimedia to attract users

Our multimedia consumption habits are changing and evolving, and we are now becoming increasingly detached from the old traditional TV and becoming familiar with video services and streaming platforms, present practically everywhere and available at ...

Da Google un focus su HTTPS
HTTPS protocol, from Google tips and best practices for the migration

A focus on the HTTPS protocol, on how it works, on the reasons that could convince you to use it, but also on how to plan a migration from HTTP to HTTPS and on some ...

Velocità delle pagine, come migliorare
Page loadings, indications on site speed

It is one of the questions that nags (or should nag) webmasters, developers and site owners: how fast should a page load in 2020? The short answer is “in the shortest time possible”, but is ...

Miti SEO sfatati sulla migrazione dei siti
SEO false myths, what to know on site migrations

No particularly new information, but a useful recap on some key topics that SEO should fully understand to avoid mistakes and trouble: the new episode of SEO Mythbusting on Youtube is dedicated to debunking the ...

Sfruttare la ricerca interna per la SEO
Internal site search, 8 optimization tips

In the construction and architecture of the site it is not possible to predict all the needs of users: although the taxonomy is accurate and effective, there will always be factors that will escape the ...

Come usare bene la canonicalizzazione
Canonicalization, myths to know and bust according to Google

Canonicalization does not mean a grouping by topic, but rather a system to prioritize a URL from a set of pages with identical or almost identical content, to reduce duplications: it is with this statement ...

Guida ai problemi con il mobile first indexing
Mobile First Indexing, how to solve the main problems

It is inevitably one of the hottest topics of SEO and it is Google itself to keep high the attention on mobile-first indexing that, as reiterated again in recent weeks, will be final by March ...

Correggere errori con Signed Exchange
Fixing the AMP Signed Exchange issues in Google Search Console

Starting last year, Google began using the Signed Exchange or SXG service to link to signed AMP pages served by its cache, allowing content to be preloaded without loss of privacy and to assign the ...

I core Web Vitals, analisi delle metriche
Google Core Web Vitals, guide to the new key metrics for the SEO

Let’s go back to Core Web Vitals, or simply Web Vitals, the new set of metrics of a site’s performance that help highlight aspects of web page development that affect user experience, such as page ...

Google aggiorna il documento sul funzionamento della Ricerca
How does Search work? Google updates its guide

In recent weeks the work of Googlers has not only focused on technical changes, often invisible, but also on updating the documentation to support all those who want to know how the Search system works. ...