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What is SEO and what it means to optimize a website are the first issues that are addressed in this category, which collects all the insights on the subject of Search Engine Optimization, site optimization for search engines, and on Web marketing.

If you're looking for news about content SEO optimization, how to improve the positioning of a page, how to do SEO for Google and how to improve the performance of your site, these are the articles that are right for you.

Through our pages you can discover the meaning of SEO, learn about its evolutions, learn the basics of how to make a site perform, familiarize yourself with the SEO utilities, find out which are the SEO errors to avoid and which are the most effective tips to improve your pages and get more with your project.

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200 signals used by Google for ranking
Guide to the 200 ranking factors on Google

On our articles we often talked about the ranking factors used by Google, key element to whoever approaches SEO activities or, simply, is going to work online. Therefore, it is now time to compile a ...

Quick guide to SEO
What is the SEO? Introductive guide to search engines optimization

These are the three letters that drive our activities, that create problems to sites’ webmasters, developers and editors, that generate million of search results’ pages and as many about advices, suggestions and strategies: today we ...

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gestire la struttura del sito
To set an effective site structure so to enhance performances

Today, we return to focus our attention on practical issues of site management and, in particular, we are going to try and offer some advice to optimize the structure of the site and edit the ...

Come fare un'ottima landing page
How to create a great converting landing page

Landing pages are a useful tool in any digital marketing campaign, because they represent a significant opportunity to receive traffic and increase the chances of conversion, regardless of the shapes and types used. To fully ...

Google chiarisce i dubbi su JavaScript
Doubts on JavaScript and SEO? Here are some answers from Google

How to best manage Javascripts for our site, and especially how to efficiently doi it for Google and SEO? This remains one of the most critical topics and with the largest shadow areas of online ...

Google spiega come migliorare gli snippet testuali
Preview snippets, Google explains the best practices

Here we go again with the Google lessons dedicated to beginners on the search engine, but that are also useful to refresh some important themes to make SEO and to understand which are the areas ...

Usare il rapporto sitemap in Search Console
A guide to manage Sitemaps with Google Search Console

In the building of a positive dialogue between our site and Googlebot sitemaps play an important role, we know that by now; in order to limit errors – which can cost us a lot in ...

Consigli per paginazione del sito
Pagination of sites and blogs, the strategy to avoid any mistake

The management of the pagination of a blog, and of a site more in general, is one of the most complex and relevant aspects of SEO work: in fact it concerns not only the way ...

5 motivi che fanno calare il traffico
Traffic drops, here are 5 causes according to Google

We work hard, think about it, we intervene and puzzle over it: why does our site is gradually losing traffic? On what does this sudden and slow descent depend? According to John Mueller, polled during ...

Consigli per scegliere SEO specialist
Do you need an SEO specialist? Here's what to know according to Google

A great benefit or a potential risk for traffic results: according to Google, hiring an SEO specialist to whom entrust the site optimization work can determine one scenario or the other and is therefore an ...

Hreflang per la SEO internazionale
Hreflang attribute: what it is and how to use it on multi-language sites without mistakes

The problems with multilingual versions of a site are among the most frequent errors in SEO campaigns, as we said some time ago, and today we want to further deepen this topic and, above all, ...

Usare la Search Console per migliorare AMP
Enhancing AMP implementation with Search Console

In recent weeks we have explored various aspects related to AMP pages, highlighting their benefits for the site and bringing you all the latest news about them, such as AMP stories. The project, as we ...