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200 signals used by Google for ranking
Guide to the 200 ranking factors on Google

On our articles we often talked about the ranking factors used by Google, key element to whoever approaches SEO activities or, simply, is going to work online. Therefore, it is now time to compile a ...

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Consigli per migliorare il profilo GMB
How to make the most out of your Google My Business tab

It was one of the tools of the Big G ecosystem that has suffered most the backlash of the Coronavirus, and perhaps for this reason is getting a special attention, with the release of new ...

Che cos'è la tassonomia del sito
Site taxonomy, suggestions to manage it from the SEO perspective

Back to basic: it is time to brush up on some basic SEO and site management topics! Our look focuses on taxonomy and we will try to give some advice not only to those who ...

Come ottimizzare il sito per Popular Products di Google
Google Popular Products, how to prepare the site for the new feature

Several months have passed since Google launched Popular Products, the new section that integrates popular shopping products – indeed – directly on the organic results page for mobile searches. To date – perhaps also because ...

Guida al markup speakable di Google
Speakable markup, how it works and why it is useful for sites

At the end of last year, Google surprised the SEO world (and not only) by announcing that the speakable markup would be extended to all sites and no longer just to those who offer news ...

Guida al rapporto azioni manuali
Manual actions, the useful tools in Google Search Console

Let’s go back to focusing on manual actions and the risks of penalization that a site violating Google rules can face: the theme is very delicate and we saw just a few days ago how ...

Guida definitiva a Google Discover
Google Discover, the definitive guide to the Google feed

Not only news and news sites: the Discover feed is a useful and powerful source of organic traffic for many types of sites, which must therefore know the Google tool to try to appear in ...

Analisi del cumulative layout shift
Cumulative Layout Shift: what it is and how to optimize the metric

It is called Cumulative Layout Shift, and it is one of the three Core Web Vitals that will be ranking factor on Google from 2021, as announced in early June: it is therefore an element ...

10 silent killers per la velocità del sito
Managing the website's speed so to not waste time

Only a few things are more frustrating than a slow loading of the page we clicked on: a slow website kills conversions and affects its rankings in search, and Google has repeatedly reiterated that the ...

come aggiustare server sovraccarico
The 4 steps to fix the server's overload issues

The overloaded server is an insidious problem for many websites: regardless of the type of hosting, there are some situations that are repeated frequently and that can be resolved from the beginning, with a 4-steps ...

Quale futuro per il progetto AMP
AMP and Google Page Experience: what is the future of accelerated pages?

We know it, by now, and we are bracing ourselves for it: in 2021 will come a new and comprehensive ranking factor with which Google will evaluate the quality of the pages and, in particular, ...