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200 signals used by Google for ranking
Guide to the 200 ranking factors on Google

On our articles we often talked about the ranking factors used by Google, key element to whoever approaches SEO activities or, simply, is going to work online. Therefore, it is now time to compile a ...

Quick guide to SEO
What is the SEO? Introductive guide to search engines optimization

These are the three letters that drive our activities, that create problems to sites’ webmasters, developers and editors, that generate million of search results’ pages and as many about advices, suggestions and strategies: today we ...

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Google chiarisce perché usare i dati strutturati
Structured data do not help the site's ranking

They are a strongly increasing resource, onto which absolutely focus our attention, but it seems that a long educational work is still required: we are talking about structured data once again, because right on these past ...

Consigli per ottimizzare i contenuti per Google BERT
Are there any SEO techniques for Google BERT?

It is one of the most frequently rebounding question among the international SEO community, destined to become the true leit motiv of this year and maybe beyond: “How to optimize the site for Google BERT“? ...

Cosa determina un alto bounce rate
High bounce rate, here are the most frequent causes

The rebound frequency is one of those factors able to make whoever runs a website to “lose his good sleep”. We were saying this on the insight we published a few times ago: there is ...

Usre la Search Console per monitorare il rendimento del sito
Monitoring site performance with Google Search Console

Here we are again with Daniel Waisberg’s lessons on Google Search Console, host of the web series published on Google Webmasters YouTube channel: in this new video, our Search Advocate teaches us to use the ...

Comprendere il search intent per la keyword research
Keyword research, search intent must increasingly be the focus

To search for the intent, not mere keywords: for quite some time we insisted on this notion now, by talking about both SEO trendings and keyword research activity from a modern perspective, so we are ...

Elenco degli errori di verifica del dominio in Search Console
Site verification on GSC, most frequent errors

We are back to talk about Google Search Console, more specifically about the process of verification of site ownership in order to enable the use of the californian company’s free platform. A few days ago ...

Risposte alle domande SEO più frequenti
SEO questions: Google answers to the most frequent ones

The epiphany took all holidays away, as an old italian proverb goes, but we are still in time to comment a special episode of Ask Google Webmasters, the YouTube series in which John Mueller provides ...

Il 2019 della Ricerca Google e della SEO
Google Research, 2019 main changes and trends

We just stepped into the new year, but in these lazy days we can still dwell and fruitfully look back at the entire 2019 of both the SEO and Google research: not only to remember ...

Come verificare la presenza del sito su Google
How to verify if your site is indexed on Google

Our year begins in the mildest way, perfect to recover from the roaring holidays. The cue to reflect comes from the new episode of the Google Search for Beginners webseries, that clarifies a doubt assailing ...

Aggiornamenti algoritmo Google 2019
The list of all Google search algorithm's updates in 2019

Another intense year on Google’s research field is about to close, with the algorithm that has undergone multiple changes and updates in order to always keep up with the times or even anticipate them. Among ...