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Your site's performance can be influenced by many internal or external factors: find out what's new about SEO and Google that can have an effect on SERPs and ranking.

Here you will find news about updates of Google's search algorithm, articles and sEO analysis about search engine updates, news about the release of new products or functions, insights about the key features for your sEO strategy.

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Ultimi articoli

Nuova feature shopping online Google
Google, here come popular products among organic results

A new way to find clothes, shoes and more on Google Research: this is the title of the article with which Denise Ho, Group Product Manager of the californian company, announces on the launch ...

Layout Google Ricerca desktop
Google Research design from desktop has officially changed

A format that better highlights the brand, emphasized and put at the center, that helps people to better and quicker figure out the sources of the info they are about to click on, that makes ...

Aggiornamento Google Gennaio 2020
Google launches the January 2020 Core Update

It looked like a lazy start of the year for Big G: the official Webmasters blog was not been updated since the summary post on the 2019 activity, and its public voices were working as ...

Gli imprenditori online non conoscono il valore della SEO
SEO's true worth is still unclear to online entrepreneurs

It’s easy to say Search Engine Optimization: but true thing is, the meaning of SEO is still blurry to both normal users (who also have some troubles to understand how ranking on Google works) and ...

Cambia inclusione in Google News
Google News, inclusion changes: goodbye subscription request

Unpredicted ending year surprise for Google News, the news search engine that Google launched back in 2006 and that – excluding some controversies, such as the one about Google France a few months ago – ...

Decolla voice search Google
Google, voice search is becoming reality

“Google’s future is in voice searches“, said Pandu Nayak at the beginning of the year when interviewed by several italian newspapers, but maybe us readers and users were not expecting for that future to start ...

Anche in Italia Google BERT
It's official: Google BERT comes to Italy

It took almost two months, but now it is official news: right after testing phase back in the US, Google BERT has officially been released in order to interpret the language of queries in over ...

Google traccia le spedizioni online
New feature in Search: Google tracks shippings

A tracking service in real time, to find out at any given moment how far we are in the status of the online-made order and where our “package” actually is. Nothing special, really, except for ...

Google aggiorna la guida per i quality raters
Quality raters, evaluations must be factual and unbiased

Human beings, not mere nameless users: this is one of the core sections of the latest guidelines update for Google quality raters, published last December 5th, with which the american company gives indications to its ...

I consumatori non hanno consapevolezza del ranking
60% of people do not know how ranking on Google works

In the past few days we talked about how and how much the evolution of Google SERPs is affecting our habits, especially in the new way we look at and interact with search results (the ...