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Google Shopping diventa gratuito
Google Shopping becomes free: more visibility for your products

Starting today, Google Shopping becomes free, initially in the United States only: this is the big news announced by Bill Ready, president of the Commerce division of Mountain View, who in a post on the ...

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Google Insights, nuovi rapporti per analisi sito
Here comes Google Insights: Search Console and Analytics data now merged

From the United States they report an interesting news: Google is testing a new platform to integrate in a deeper way the data of two highly appreciated and used tools, namely the Google Search Console ...

Accordo tra Google ed editori per pagamento news
Publishing: Google will pay for quality news, pictures and videos

In the end, it seems that the giant has yielded: after months of controversy and legal battles – especially in France, where back in April the Antitrust had established the obligation to recognize copyright – ...

Impatto velocità mobile
The benefits of speed from mobile: more conversions and less bounce rate

It is always time to talk about site speed, especially from mobile and especially now, in view of the announced start of the Google Page Experience update, which from 2021 will reward sites that offer ...

Dati e previsioni sugli investimenti pubblicitari digitali
Online advertising, what is the post-Coronavirus scenario?

For the first time since 2008, Google will close an annual budget in the red with regard to adv: even the giant of Mountain View is affected by the Coronavirus impact on advertising and the ...

Plugin sitemap ufficiale Wordpress
Core Sitemaps, now it will be easier to create a WordPress sitemap

Simplifying the life of developers and, at the same time, search engines, creating a standard for the sending of sitemaps through a function integrated into the core of the CMS. This was the spirit with ...

Webspam Report 2019 di Google
Google and spam: 25 billion pages with issues discovered every day

“Every search matters”: it is with this phrase, which encloses the company’s philosophical manifesto, that opens up the post with which Google presents the results of the activity of its antispam team during the year ...

Google evidenzia i featured snippet sulle pagine
Google: the text of featured snippets now highlighted on the hosting site

A long development phase was necessary, with some examples already tested last year (as we were recounting), but now officially debuted the latest news from Google to encourage reading by users, that is the highlighting ...

Le ultime novità della Ricerca Google
Google Search News, May developments of the search engine

After skipping – almost unavoidably – the March appointment, back in a special and home edition is the Google Search News, the news video with which John Mueller summarizes the latest news and developments of ...

Nuovo fattore di ranking su Google
Official: Core Web Vitals become ranking factors on Google

It has been a few weeks since the Chromium developers announced the introduction of a new set of metrics to evaluate the user experience in a simpler and more accurate way, and now the project ...

Nuovo aggiornamento di Google
New Google algorithmic update: here it comes the May 2020 Core Update

Probably a little later than planned, at least for the times we had become accustomed to in recent years, but here comes the spring cleaning of the Google search algorithm. In the afternoon of May ...