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Nuovo fattore di ranking su Google
Official: Core Web Vitals become ranking factors on Google

It has been a few weeks since the Chromium developers announced the introduction of a new set of metrics to evaluate the user experience in a simpler and more accurate way, and now the project ...

Google Shopping diventa gratuito
Google Shopping becomes free: more visibility for your products

Starting today, Google Shopping becomes free, initially in the United States only: this is the big news announced by Bill Ready, president of the Commerce division of Mountain View, who in a post on the ...

Latest articles

Da Google un plugin per le Web Stories
Web Stories, debuting the official Google plugin for WordPress

After just over two months, Google has completed the beta phase of the plugin for the publication of Web Stories on WordPress, which is therefore now officially available for all within the Plugin Repository of ...

Nuovi progetti per lo standard Robots
Google announces new projects for the open source robots.txt

It has been a little over a year since Google announced the start of the work to define an official standard for the Robots.txt file: in recent months, the company has already released in the ...

Googlebot scansiona su HTTP/2
Googlebot scans HTTP/2 sites (but there are no ranking benefits)

Starting in November, Googlebot will begin to support HTTP/2 crawling for “selected sites”, with significant efficiency benefits. However, there will be no real ranking benefits for those who adopt this new protocol. This is the ...

Google Discover, ultime novità
Google Discover, more updates for the customized feed

At Mountain View work never stops and, with all the products and surfaces of the Google ecosystem, it could not be otherwise: the last front on which the interest of the developers of the company ...

Il lavoro di Google sulla qualità dei risultati
Results quality, the tools used by Google to defend the Search

For many people – that is to say more than 92 percent of all Web users, according to the latest global statistics – Google Search is THE place to go to find information on any ...

Studio sull'ottimizzazione dei profili GMB
Google My Business, a study reveals the average optimization level

We often talk about it: being present on Google My Business (GMB) is increasingly important for brands and especially for small businesses, because the Google service confirms itself as a valid gateway for both offline ...

Più informazioni sulle licenze in Google Immagini
Google Images, the licensable markup is now official

After a few months of beta testing, Google has announced that it is now officially available for all the licensable markup, which activates the special Under license badge in Google Images. Thanks to this new ...

Gli easter eggs in Google Search
Google: the list of Search's easter eggs and surprises

Today is Google’s birthday! Or, at least, it is one of the key dates that lead to the birth of the Google company, as exactly on September 4, 1998 the two dads of the search ...

Feature covid e badge a pagamento per Google My Business
Google My Business, the latest news on the showcase for local SEO

Are we going toward a paid Google My Business? It’s been rumored for some years that Google’s intention to launch a paid version of the online showcase for local businesses, which is proving to be ...

API Google Search Console
Search Console API, more news from Google

About a year ago, Martin Splitt anticipated Google’s intention to open Search Console Apis to third-party platforms as well: now the company has taken a further step towards this goal, as explained in a recent ...