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Your site's performance can be influenced by many internal or external factors: find out what's new about SEO and Google that can have an effect on SERPs and ranking.

Here you will find news about updates of Google's search algorithm, articles and sEO analysis about search engine updates, news about the release of new products or functions, insights about the key features for your sEO strategy.

Through the ideas provided by these pages you can stay updated on what is happening in the world of SEO worldwide, discover the potential future scenarios of search engine optimization and the new trends of Google.

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Consigli e spunti SEO da Google
Google Webmaster Conference, SEO suggestions and inspirations

Not only SMXL19 and SEO Doomsday: last week (farther away than Milan!) there was a second huge field meeting as well, with the Google Webmaster Conference taking place for the first time ever right inside ...

Debutta il plugin ufficiale di Google
Here comes Site Kit, Google's plugin for WordPress

After a long beta-phase, lasted almost a whole year, on October 31st has been launched the final version of Google’s Site Kit, the first WordPress plugin officially created by the californian company, fully integrated with ...

Nuovo algoritmo Google BERT, gli effetti in SERP
Google Bert, still barely visible effects in SERP

A whole week is now passed from Pandu Nayak’s announcement, but up until now Google BERT doesn’t seem to have triggered the anticipated (and greatly feared) SERP earthquake: “the biggest jump ahead” in the history ...

Amazon erode quote mercato ads a Google
Ads online, Amazon undermines Google in the USA

It is too soon to talk about cracks, but some hints of earthquake are certainly there: for the first time in years, in the US market Google is not reinforcing its position of absolute monopoly ...

Sundar Pichai presenta Google Duplex
Google Duplex in Chrome: the experiment begins

It has been called the most clever chatbot of all times, and – minus some speed-bumps – its development is running steady: after the restaurant booking manager (that, hearing from the States, still puzzles many ...

Nuovo google Shopping, cosa cambia
Google challenges Amazon and launches its new Google Shopping

A war among giants: Google keeps on widen its activities in the Web world and now it’s challenging Amazon, Alibaba and every other marketplace through its Google Shopping, recently renewed and enhanced. The platform experimented in ...