Officially released in Beta the new SEOZoom SEO Spider! As announced by Ivano on the italian Fb group, the new tool for site scanning and monitoring is now active and will allow you to analyze in depth the structure of your site.

A SEO Spider is a complex tool as it offers technical data that must be interpreted at their best, but it is also the means to take a step forward and be able to really improve your website.

The SEO Spider by SSEOZoom shows how a website is seen by the Google spider, highlights the anomalies and all the possible errors; the new tool shows much more information than the old SEO AUDIT and will surely allow you to identify many problems to solve. To simplify its use, simplified filters have been added “ERRORS” and “WARNINGS” that group together the various issues on which to intervene, just as it happened in the old SEO AUDIT, that will remain active a few more months to allow users the opportunity to familiarize with the new software.