A new feature in SEOZoom, useful to optimize your strategy of keyword research: the entire project, in the Keyword area you can now launch the analysis of “Seasonal Keywords”, which presents a complete report on the seasonal volumes of keywords for which the project website is ranking.

From the horizontal selector it is possible to select the month to be analyzed in order to visualize, in the central table, all the keywords that in that temporal arc have an average tendential increment of at least 20 per cent of the volume.

In the first column the keywords are indicated (if the word is marked by the world map icon it means that the keyword is inserted to project); then follow the column of the average monthly volume and the column indicating the seasonal volume of the keyword in the analysed month. The SEASONAL INCREASE column highlights the estimated monthly volume increase of the keyword and for each keyword is indicated the url placed and the values KD, KO, Trend and SERP.

For more details, here is the video with which Ivano Di Biasi introduces the new feature: https://vimeo.com/327985654/991a998a75