Published a new feature, the Content section, which further improves the monitoring of the pages of the site.

As written by Ivano on the italian FB group, the intervention comes from a reflection: “Over time we realized that the monitoring of Pages, although it was a great innovation invented by us and then taken up by famous international Tools, did not fully meet our needs, so we tried to overcome ouselves”.

Today, he continues, “it’s not just the performance of the URL (Page) that matters, but it’s fundamental to analyze the performance of the CONTENT, which is obviously linked to a URL”.

The work then focused on these aspects, creating a new section that “maintains the old functionalities of the PAGES section but carries out an in-depth study of the CONTENT of each web page, then offering you quick suggestions to improve the RANKING”.

Each site presents search engines with an oversized number of web pages, many of which “may not exist at all,” adds Ivano. To navigate these pages, Google takes time and resources, even if in the end it doesn’t give you the expected results: so why “waste your Budget Crawl on pages that don’t make, or that are DUPLICATE (Cannibalization) when you could have less and more performing?”

The new section allows you to know this type of information, and also offers the possibility to change the content of the web pages, inserting them in the EDITORIAL PLAN, or EDITORIAL ASSISTANT, selecting the content directly from the ONLINE version of the site.

To date, SEOZoom is the only tool in the world with a similar approach.