If last year Google developers performed over 3200 amendments on the Research system, in this 2019 the final result shouldn’t fall much shorter, from what everyone can see day by day on the search engine: the latest news concern the Google Search’s layout from desktop, that is undergoing a deep evolution and trasformation in the last few weeks.

Every modification on Google’s SERP layout from mobile

Last June the users that logged into the Web through smartphones  and other devices already noticed the changes of the SERP look on Google Search mobile, specifically with the introduction of a relevant favicon and the moving of the upper link (black-coloured). Modifications that, as the Mountain View team was saying, had the ultimate goal to enhance the user experience and allow them to navigate more fluently through web’s available info.

Google Search design from desktop is changing

Few months later, the californian team extended the restyling also to the researches from desktop, launching a test phase for SERPs’ new look that completely changes the way it shows its research results. the biggest news is, infact, the complete elimination of the green link (the URL’s breadcrumb of the ranked page) showed under the classic blue link, with a new emphasis on the brand.

Two big news: favicon e the final goodbye to the green breadcrumb

The site’s favicon is introduced on desktop researches too, alongside the brand indication with domain’s extension: as we can see from the samples shown below, based on https://9to5google.com, this means that on the new SERP (on the right) we will have the identifying logo of the official New York City website or the Official Guide to the Big Apple one, next to which we can see their NYC.gov and NYCgo.com brands, and so on.

Esempi del nuovo design di Google

Solutions to enhancing its usability

No more green breadcrumb, then, while meta description stays (with the same measurements on max digits, apparently, as you can see from the cut of the description from Wikipedia); but the other change in terms of visual impact and usability concerns the actual link, that will not be the first element shown anymore but is basically going to be framed by the lines dedicated to the brand (favicon+name) and the actual meta description.

New emphasis on the brand

It is quite early to really understand if and how these modifications will impact the users’ interaction – and, as a matter of fact, at the moment SERPs are not always rendered with the new look, that therefore remains a test – but we can still manage to do some considerations. The Google Search desktop layout mimics the mobile one and should be used to highlight the website’s brand, then visually and graphically emphasized.

More simple and focused readings

This means that users will quickly get with a single glance the source of the info and of the pages ranked by Google, Questo significa che gli utenti possono comprendere più velocemente e a colpo d’occhio la provenienza delle informazioni e delle pagine posizionate da Google, while the choice of even chromatically enlighten the results’ page (by eliminating green links and widening white spaces) could make the reading cleaner, redirect people to look at the favicon (that is now glance-stealing) and to majorly focus on blue links and describing texts.