Great news for SEOZoom: now activated the new Blogger plan, dedicated to those who manage small blogs and look for support in this activity.

The plan integrates many features of Seozoom within the WordPress platform, and allows:

To create the project in Seozoom to connect the site (without however having access to the features of the project in the Suite, only through your WordPress).
To download and install the Plugin on WordPress.
To activate everything with the verification key.

As mentioned, there will be no direct access to the features of the SEOZoom Suite and it will only be possible to use the set of features made available in the plugin.

In particular, it is possible to use the complete and evolved Editorial Assistant (totally rewritten to integrate all the features present in the Suite), the dashboard of website overview, to display the trend of keywords monitored in WordPress, discover the Pages with potential, perform keyword analyses (clicking from the interfaces) and URL analyses (from the post list). Also, when editing the post you can see all the keywords it is ranking with.