Keyword Research

Keyword Research

Create your own tailor-made keyword research and refine your SEO strategy

Keyword research is the basic activity for every online project, to effectively choose the strategic keywords for your industry and your business.

Optimal planning has to evaluate a number of factors, such as the average monthly search volume, keyword difficulty, the number of results placed in SERP for that keyword and its seasonality, and SEOZoom offers you various tools to make your work simple and valid.

Keyword Infinity
Keyword Infinity

The constantly expanding keyword database

Keyword Infinity is a constantly evolving database of keywords, which is enriched thanks to the manual insertion of users.

The tool allows you to discover all the keywords related to the entered one, giving you the opportunity to thoroughly investigate the composition of the queries to discover the branches of the word and the main parameters such as search volume and potential, level of competition, the average CPC and a graph of average seasonality.

The scan also highlights the users’ search intent, giving you information on the most used prepositions or most popular questions, while the Knowledge Search identifies all relevant topics for the identified theme. So you have the opportunity to find good ideas for writing SEO oriented articles and better position your content on search engines.

Keyword Search Intent

The tool to discover the intent of research

Getting the search intent and what users are looking for is essential to trying to place your content on search engines: SEOZoom is the first SEO tool in the world to offer you the analysis of search intent to choose the keywords suitable for your site.

Using the Keyword Search Intent you can find out which are the keywords that respond to the same intention of a keyword and, therefore, to a similar need of the user who makes the query, but also analyze the main data on the keywords, such as estimated traffic, difficulty and possibility of positioning, average search volume and results in SERP.

Search Intent
Interest Finder
Interest Finder

Power up your affiliate strategy with SEOZoom

If you work with affiliate marketing, you know that to maximize profits you need to take care of all aspects of the business, starting with the management of the content in which to place the affiliate links and its keyword research.

The new tool Interest Finder is a useful resource, because it allows you to do keyword research in depth, indicating the macroaree of interest to users and their search volumes and making you discover all the most interesting corners of a keyword.

Linking SEOZoom to your account Amazon Affiliate, in particular, you can receive direct suggestions for your Amazon affiliations: the tool tells you the macroareas of interest, search volumes and a navigable carousel of products that you could insert in the affiliate pages you are planning to create.