Our year begins in the mildest way, perfect to recover from the roaring holidays. The cue to reflect comes from the new episode of the Google Search for Beginners webseries, that clarifies a doubt assailing who’s not quite the expert yet: “Does my site appear among Google search results?” Here is how to verify if a site’s pages are correctly indexed by the search engine.

How to check if the site is present on Google

How can I know if my site is actually searchable on Google? With this question it opens the fifth episode of Search for Beginners, the series of brief videos edited by Google Webmasters and dedicated to whoever hasn’t much competences in the web world (yet), and especially to who owns or manages a small online project. For that, it can happen that these people “owning websites for online activities or simple hobby” do not really know how to check their own online presence and “sometimes they succeed to find the site among Google search results, sometimes don’t”.

Using site: to chekc if the pages are indexed

This leads to two more beginner questions: “Why does this happen? And what can i do for my site to appear on Research?”. There’s a quick and practical system to verify if Google knows the site and if the indexing of the site pages is working properly, that is by using the *site: * command.

Il comando site: su Google

All it takes is to go on Google page and type in the search bar  site: followed by the website’s address: this command specify that the research is only limited to the indexed pages of that specific site. Therefore, if our own website appears there with several pages, it means that Google knows this site exists and has already indexed some of its pages.

Verifying the way the results are displayed

Is also very important to notice how the site is displaying on Google Research: is the description accurate and representative of what the site actually offers? Are there any aspects to improve? In the latter event, it needs to work in order to optimize what users see whenever performing searches for the keywords the site is ranked with.

What to do if the site doesn’t appear on Google

But what to do in the event the site’s pages are not actually appearing among search results with site:? In this case, there could be some problems of crawling and indexing, and then we should promptly intervene to solve them. First remedy is to send both the sitemap and site’s URLs to Google Search Console, that as we know is the tool to manage the online presence on Google Research.

Google non ha indicizzato il sito

It’s also possible to test single URLs by using the URL Inspection tool so to control that the verification of site ownership on Search Console (following one of the 7 methods we described a few days ago) has been successful. Now Google knows the website and it only needs to work to improve its visibility, a.k.a to work on it with SEO techniques in order to reach better results.

The moment has come to do SEO so to improve results

First operations are the easiest: you can start from checking that the site is actually appearing among results of relevant searches, “such as nice shirt, t-shirt store nearby or buy t-shirt online”, and verify that the shown page is actually the best and most relevant one among our site’s pages. Everithing else is SEO.