Different Doodles based on the different culture, different languages and, most of all, very different SERP results: Google’s geolocation plays a key role and we can easily say that there are as many Google versions as the Countries the search engine is focused on. But how can we use all of the other Google versions, despite the location we are currently in?

Why to use Google on other geographical areas

To find out the placement of a page on the specific search engine of a Country is a crucial factor for whoever works on international SEO, but common users as well can find useful the chance to read the different answers provided by Google according to the location of the search, so to perform in-depth analyses or as a simple matter of curiosity.

Samples of Google’s differences

Google’s differences on a global scale can be macroscopical – let’s just think about Google News, totally missing in the spanish version and limited in the french one – as we recounted a few months ago – or more subtle, especially when locations share the language or pieces of culture.

La SERP Ringo Starr in Italia 

The “Ringo Starr” query and the SERPs

Let’s look at the three images referring to the Ringo Starr query: the result pages of United States and United Kingdom are basically the same, with all of the info about the fourth member of the Beatles, while the italian page is affected by the recent event of the Sanremo Festival and links back to the song by the italian group Pinguini Tattici Nucleari, both with blue links and multi-medial results.

La query Ringo Starr in America e Inghilterra

Football, different answers in UK and USA

If we look for “football”, though, on Google US priority answers are the one related to the national sport – american football – and its professional league, while on Google UK we are talking about european football (what the americans call soccer).

La SERP Football in USA e UK

Checking all the nuances

In short, there are multiple factors that can influence the results on local basis, because the algorithm is able to detect this small nuances too (not that subtle, anyway). To whoever works on the Web is very important to keep everything under control, then, and it is not enough to go on google.co.uk and type in the keyword in another language, such as italian or german. As the italian website Consulenze Web Marketing reminds us, in that case “search results will not match what german or italian users actually see, as Google is taking into account the fact that the query is performed through the english version” of the search engine.

And it not always allows to verify the true results by simply changing the extension of the search engine (like www.google.de or www.google.fr), because the set and recognized by default language still is english. And even by modifying the language inside Google settings, there would still be a problem: very often, there is an automatic redirect that brings back to the english version of Google, given the fact that the system gives priority to geolocation.

How to use the different Google versions

Without necessarily having to intervene on proxys or to play with the advanced settings, there is a practical and safe method to use Google on all the Countries and languages of the world,  taking advantage of the boolean operators of the search engine and in particular the gl string that exactly refers to the geolocation of the final user.

Changing the geolocation of the search engine

To be precise, we are talking about a two-letters value that uniquely identifies the Country code and improves the search results by locating them with better accuracy, allowing us to overcome the geographical targeting. This parameter should be entered inside the URL of Google Research, but to further facilitate the operations here is a comprehensive list of the over 200 Countries from which navigate Google all over the world.

All it takes to travel among the difference versions of the search engine is to simply click on the link listed inside the box, better yet by opening it through an incognito tab so to gain even “purer” results. For each link in the list below are also preset the default languages of the referring Country (the hl parameter), this too in order to make the search even more realistic and closer to the true experience of local users.

Just add this page to your Favourites and use it every time you need to use the Google of another Country of the world!

Nazione Google URL International Country Code Interface Languages
Afghanistan https://www.google.com.af/webhp?hl=fa&gl=af af fa (Persian)
Albania https://www.google.al/webhp?hl=sq&gl=al al sq (Albanian)
Algeria https://www.google.dz/webhp?hl=fr&gl=dz dz fr (French)
American Samoa https://www.google.as/webhp?hl=en&gl=as as en (English)
Andorra https://www.google.ad/webhp?hl=ca&gl=ad ad ca (Catalan)
Angola https://www.google.co.ao/webhp?hl=pt-PT&gl=ao ao pt-PT (Portuguese)
Anguilla https://www.google.com.ai/webhp?hl=en&gl=ai ai en (English)
Antigua and Barbuda https://www.google.com.ag/webhp?hl=en&gl=ag ag en (English)
Argentina https://www.google.com.ar/webhp?hl=es-419&gl=ar ar es (Spanish)
Armenia https://www.google.am/webhp?hl=hy&gl=am am hy (Armenian)
Australia https://www.google.com.au/webhp?hl=en&gl=au au en (English)
Austria https://www.google.at/webhp?hl=de&gl=at at de (German)
Azerbaijan https://www.google.az/webhp?hl=az&gl=az az az (Azeri)
Bahamas https://www.google.bs/webhp?hl=en&gl=bs bs en (English)
Bahrain https://www.google.com.bh/webhp?hl=ar&gl=bh bh ar (Arab)
Bangladesh https://www.google.com.bd/webhp?hl=bn&gl=bd bd bn (Bengali)
Belarus https://www.google.by/webhp?hl=be&gl=by by Bn (Bengali)
Belgium https://www.google.be/webhp?hl=nl&gl=be be be (Bielarusian)
Belize https://www.google.com.bz/webhp?hl=es-419&gl=bz bz es (Spanish)
Benin https://www.google.bj/webhp?hl=fr&gl=bj bj fr (French)
Bhutan https://www.google.bt/webhp?hl=en&gl=bt bt en (English)
Bolivia https://www.google.com.bo/webhp?hl=es-419&gl=bo bo es (Spanish)
Bosnia and Herzegovina https://www.google.ba/webhp?hl=bs&gl=ba ba bs (Bosnian)
Botswana https://www.google.co.bw/webhp?hl=tn&gl=bw bw tn (Tswana)
Brazil https://www.google.com.br/webhp?hl=pt-BR&gl=br br pt-BR (Brasilian Portuguese)
Brunei Darussalam https://www.google.com.bn/webhp?hl=ms&gl=bn bn ms (Malayan)
Bulgaria https://www.google.bg/webhp?hl=bg&gl=bg bg bg (Bulgarian)
Burkina Faso https://www.google.bf/webhp?hl=fr&gl=bf bf fr (French)
Burundi https://www.google.bi/webhp?hl=fr&gl=bi bi fr (French)
Cambodia https://www.google.com.kh/webhp?hl=km&gl=kh kh km (Khmer)
Cameroon https://www.google.cm/webhp?hl=fr&gl=cm cm fr (French)
Canada https://www.google.ca/webhp?hl=en&gl=ca ca en (English)
Cape Verde https://www.google.cv/webhp?hl=pt-PT&gl=cv cv pt-PT (Portuguese)
Central African Republic https://www.google.cf/webhp?hl=fr&gl=cf cf fr (French)
Chad https://www.google.td/webhp?hl=fr&gl=td td fr (French)
Chile https://www.google.cl/webhp?hl=es-419&gl=cl cl es (Spanish)
China (Google.hk) https://www.google.cn/webhp?hl=zh-CN&gl=cn cn zh-CN (simplified Chinese)
Colombia https://www.google.com.co/webhp?hl=es-419&gl=co co es (Spanish)
Congo https://www.google.cg/webhp?hl=fr&gl=cg cg fr (French)
Congo, Democratic Republic https://www.google.cd/webhp?hl=fr&gl=cd cd fr (French)
Cook Islands https://www.google.co.ck/webhp?hl=en&gl=ck ck en (English)
Costa Rica https://www.google.co.cr/webhp?hl=es-419&gl=cr cr es (Spanish)
Cote d’Ivoire https://www.google.ci/webhp?hl=fr&gl=ci ci fr (French)
Croatia https://www.google.hr/webhp?hl=hr&gl=hr hr hr (Croatian)
Cuba https://www.google.com.cu/webhp?hl=es-419&gl=cu cu es (Spanish)
Cyprus https://www.google.com.cy/webhp?hl=en&gl=cy cy en (English)
Czech Republic https://www.google.cz/webhp?hl=cs&gl=cz cz cs (Czech)
Denmark https://www.google.dk/webhp?hl=da&gl=dk dk da (Danish)
Djibouti https://www.google.dj/webhp?hl=fr&gl=dj dj fr (French)
Dominica https://www.google.dm/webhp?hl=en&gl=dm dm en (English)
Dominican Republic https://www.google.com.do/webhp?hl=es-419&gl=do do es (Spanish)
Ecuador https://www.google.com.ec/webhp?hl=es-419&gl=ec ec es (Spanish)
Egypt https://www.google.com.eg/webhp?hl=ar&gl=eg eg ar (Arab)
El Salvador https://www.google.com.sv/webhp?hl=es-419&gl=sv sv es (Spanish)
Estonia https://www.google.ee/webhp?hl=et&gl=ee ee et (Estonian)
Ethiopia https://www.google.com.et/webhp?hl=am&gl=et et am (Amharic)
Fiji https://www.google.com.fj/webhp?hl=en&gl=fj fj en (English)
Finland https://www.google.fi/webhp?hl=fi&gl=fi fi fi (Finnish)
France https://www.google.fr/webhp?hl=fr&gl=fr fr fr (French)
Gabon https://www.google.ga/webhp?hl=fr&gl=ga ga fr (French)
Gambia https://www.google.gm/webhp?hl=en&gl=gm gm en (English)
Georgia https://www.google.ge/webhp?hl=ka&gl=ge ge ka (Georgian)
Germany https://www.google.de/webhp?hl=de&gl=de de de (German)
Ghana https://www.google.com.gh/webhp?hl=en&gl=gh gh en (English)
Gibraltar https://www.google.com.gi/webhp?hl=en&gl=gi gi en (English)
Greece https://www.google.gr/webhp?hl=el&gl=gr gr el (Greek)
Greenland https://www.google.gl/webhp?hl=da&gl=gl gl da (Danish)
Guadeloupe https://www.google.gp/webhp?hl=fr&gl=gp gp fr (French)
Guatemala https://www.google.com.gt/webhp?hl=es-419&gl=gt gt es (Spanish)
Guernsey https://www.google.gg/webhp?hl=en&gl=gg gg en (English)
Guyana https://www.google.gy/webhp?hl=en&gl=gy gy en (English)
Haiti https://www.google.ht/webhp?hl=fr&gl=ht ht fr (French)
Honduras https://www.google.hn/webhp?hl=es-419&gl=hn hn es (Spanish)
Hong Kong https://www.google.com.hk/webhp?hl=zh-TW&gl=hk hk zh-TW (traditional Chinese)
Hungary https://www.google.hu/webhp?hl=hu&gl=hu hu hu (Ungarian)
Iceland https://www.google.is/webhp?hl=is&gl=is is is (Icelandic)
India https://www.google.co.in/webhp?hl=en&gl=in in en (English)
Indonesia https://www.google.co.id/webhp?hl=id&gl=id id id (Indonesian)
Iraq https://www.google.iq/webhp?hl=ckb&gl=iq iq ckb (Kurdish)
Ireland https://www.google.ie/webhp?hl=en&gl=ie ie en (English)
Isle of Man https://www.google.im/webhp?hl=en&gl=im im en (English)
Israel https://www.google.co.il/webhp?hl=ar&gl=il il ar (Arab)
Italy https://www.google.it/webhp?hl=it&gl=it it it (Italian)
Jamaica https://www.google.com.jm/webhp?hl=en&gl=jM jm en (English)
Japan https://www.google.co.jp/webhp?hl=ja&gl=jp jp ja (Japanise)
Jersey https://www.google.je/webhp?hl=fr&gl=je je fr (French)
Jordan https://www.google.jo/webhp?hl=ar&gl=jo jo ar (Arab)
Kazakhstan https://www.google.kz/webhp?hl=kk&gl=kz kz kk (Kazakh)
Kenya https://www.google.co.ke/webhp?hl=sw&gl=ke ke sw (Swahili)
Kiribati https://www.google.ki/webhp?hl=en&gl=ki ki en (English)
Korea, Republic of https://www.google.co.kr/webhp?hl=ko&gl=kr kr ko (Korean)
Kuwait https://www.google.com.kw/webhp?hl=ar&gl=kw kw ar (Arab)
Kyrgyzstan https://www.google.kg/webhp?hl=ky&gl=kg kg ky (Kyrgyz)
Laos Democratic Republic https://www.google.la/webhp?hl=lo&gl=la la lo (Laotian)
Latvia https://www.google.lv/webhp?hl=lv&gl=lv lv lv (Latvian)
Lebanon https://www.google.com.lb/webhp?hl=ar&gl=lb lb ar (Arab)
Lesotho https://www.google.co.ls/webhp?hl=st&gl=ls ls st (Sesotho)
Libya https://www.google.com.ly/webhp?hl=ar&gl=ly ly ar (Arab)
Liechtenstein https://www.google.li/webhp?hl=de&gl=li li de (German)
Lithuania https://www.google.lt/webhp?hl=lt&gl=lt lt lt (Lithuanian)
Luxembourg https://www.google.lu/webhp?hl=de&gl=lu lu de (German)
Macedonia https://www.google.mk/webhp?hl=mk&gl=mk mk mk (Macedonian)
Madagascar https://www.google.mg/webhp?hl=mg&gl=mg mg mg (Malagasy)
Malawi https://www.google.mw/webhp?hl=ny&gl=mw mw ny (Chewa)
Malaysia https://www.google.com.my/webhp?hl=ms&gl=my my ms (Malaysian)
Maldives https://www.google.mv/webhp?hl=en&gl=mv mv en (English)
Mali https://www.google.ml/webhp?hl=fr&gl=ml ml fr (French)
Malta https://www.google.com.mt/webhp?hl=mt&gl=mt mt mt (Maltese)
Mauritius https://www.google.mu/webhp?hl=en&gl=mu mu en (English)
Mexico https://www.google.com.mx/webhp?hl=es-419&gl=mx mx es (Spanish)
Micronesia https://www.google.fm/webhp?hl=en&gl=fm fm en (English)
Moldova, Republic of https://www.google.md/webhp?hl=mo&gl=md md mo (Moldavian)
Mongolia https://www.google.mn/webhp?hl=mn&gl=mn mn mn (Mongolian)
Montenegro https://www.google.me/webhp?hl=sr-ME&gl=me me me (Montenegrin)
Montserrat https://www.google.ms/webhp?hl=en&gl=ms ms en (English)
Morocco https://www.google.co.ma/webhp?hl=fr&gl=ma ma fr (French)
Mozambique https://www.google.co.mz/webhp?hl=pt-PT&gl=mz mz pt-PT (Portuguese)
Myanmar https://www.google.com.mm/webhp?hl=en&gl=mm mm bur (Burmese)
Namibia https://www.google.com.na/webhp?hl=en&gl=na na en (English)
Nauru https://www.google.nr/webhp?hl=en&gl=nr nr en (English)
Nepal https://www.google.com.np/webhp?hl=ne&gl=np np ne (Nepali)
Netherlands https://www.google.nl/webhp?hl=nl&gl=nl nl nl (Dutch)
New Zealand https://www.google.co.nz/webhp?hl=en&gl=nz nz en (English)
Nicaragua https://www.google.com.ni/webhp?hl=es-419&gl=ni ni es (Spanish)
Niger https://www.google.ne/webhp?hl=fr&gl=ne ne fr (French)
Nigeria https://www.google.com.ng/webhp?hl=en&gl=ng ng en (English)
Niue https://www.google.nu/webhp?hl=en&gl=nu nu en (English)
Norway https://www.google.no/webhp?hl=no&gl=no no no (Norwegian)
Oman https://www.google.com.om/webhp?hl=ar&gl=om om ar (Arab)
Pakistan https://www.google.com.pk/webhp?hl=en&gl=pk pk en (English)
Palestinian Territory, Occupied https://www.google.ps/webhp?hl=ar&gl=ps ps ar (Arab)
Panama https://www.google.com.pa/webhp?hl=es-419&gl=pa pa es (Spanish)
Papua New Guinea https://www.google.com.pg/webhp?hl=en&gl=pg pg en (English)
Paraguay https://www.google.com.py/webhp?hl=es-419&gl=py py es (Spanish)
Peru https://www.google.com.pe/webhp?hl=es-419&gl=pe pe es (Spanish)
Philippines https://www.google.com.ph/webhp?hl=tl&gl=ph ph tl (Tagalog)
Pitcairn https://www.google.pn/webhp?hl=en&gl=pn pn en (English)
Poland https://www.google.pl/webhp?hl=pl&gl=pl pl pl (Polish)
Portugal https://www.google.pt/webhp?hl=pt-PT&gl=pt pt pt-PT (Portuguese)
Puerto Rico https://www.google.com.pr/webhp?hl=es-419&gl=pr pr es (Spanish)
Qatar https://www.google.com.qa/webhp?hl=ar&gl=qa qa ar (Arab)
Catalan https://www.google.cat/webhp?hl=ca&gl=cat ca ca (Catalan)
Romania https://www.google.ro/webhp?hl=ro&gl=ro ro ro (Romanian)
Russia https://www.google.ru/webhp?hl=ru&gl=ru ru ru (Russian)
Rwanda https://www.google.rw/webhp?hl=en&gl=rw rw en (English)
Saint Helena https://www.google.sh/webhp?hl=en&gl=sh sh en (English)
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines https://www.google.com.vc/webhp?hl=en&gl=vc vc en (English)
Samoa https://www.google.ws/webhp?hl=en&gl=ws ws en (English)
San Marino https://www.google.sm/webhp?hl=it&gl=sm sm it (Italian)
Sao Tome and Principe https://www.google.st/webhp?hl=pt-PT&gl=st st pt-PT (Portuguese)
Saudi Arabia https://www.google.com.sa/webhp?hl=ar&gl=sa sa ar (Arab)
Senegal https://www.google.sn/webhp?hl=fr&gl=sn sn fr (French)
Serbia https://www.google.rs/webhp?hl=sr&gl=rs rs sr (Serbian)
Seychelles https://www.google.sc/webhp?hl=crs&gl=sc sc crs (Seselwa)
Sierra Leone https://www.google.com.sl/webhp?hl=en&gl=sl sl en (English)
Singapore https://www.google.com.sg/webhp?hl=en&gl=sg sg en (English)
Slovakia https://www.google.sk/webhp?hl=sk&gl=sk sk sk (Slovak)
Slovenia https://www.google.si/webhp?hl=sl&gl=si si sl (Slovenian)
Solomon Islands https://www.google.com.sb/webhp?hl=en&gl=sb sb en (English)
Somalia https://www.google.so/webhp?hl=so&gl=so so so (Somalian)
South Africa https://www.google.co.za/webhp?hl=af&gl=za za af (Afrikaans)
Spain https://www.google.es/webhp?hl=es&gl=es es es (Spanish)
Sri Lanka https://www.google.lk/webhp?hl=en&gl=lk lk en (English)
Suriname https://www.google.sr/webhp?hl=ne&gl=sr sr nl (Dutch)
Sweden https://www.google.se/webhp?hl=sv&gl=se se sv (Swedish)
Switzerland https://www.google.ch/webhp?hl=de&gl=ch ch de (German)
Taiwan, Province of China https://www.google.com.tw/webhp?hl=zh&gl=tw tw zh (Simplified Chinese)
Tajikistan https://www.google.com.tj/webhp?hl=tg&gl=tj tj tg (Tajik)
Tanzania, United Republic of https://www.google.co.tz/webhp?hl=sw&gl=tz tz sw (Swahili)
Thailand https://www.google.co.th/webhp?hl=th&gl=th th th (Thai)
Timor-Leste https://www.google.tl/webhp?hl=pt-PT&gl=tl tl pt-PT (Portuguese)
Togo https://www.google.tg/webhp?hl=fr&gl=tg tg fr (French)
Tokelau https://www.google.tk/webhp?hl=en&gl=tk tk en (English)
Tonga https://www.google.to/webhp?hl=en&gl=to to en (English)
Trinidad and Tobago https://www.google.tt/webhp?hl=en&gl=tt tt en (English)
Tunisia https://www.google.tn/webhp?hl=ar&gl=tn tn ar (Arab)
Turkey https://www.google.com.tr/webhp?hl=tr&gl=tr tr tr (Turkish)
Turkmenistan https://www.google.tm/webhp?hl=tk&gl=tm tm tk (Turkmen)
Uganda https://www.google.co.ug/webhp?hl=lg&gl=ug ug lg (Luganda)
Ukraine https://www.google.com.ua/webhp?hl=uk&gl=ua ua uk (Ukrainian)
United Arab Emirates https://www.google.ae/webhp?hl=ar&gl=ae ae ar (Arab)
United Kingdom https://www.google.co.uk/webhp?hl=en&gl=uk uk en (English)
United States https://www.google.com/webhp?hl=en&gl=us us en (English)
Uruguay https://www.google.com.uy/webhp?hl=es-419&gl=uy uy es (Spanish)
Uzbekistan https://www.google.co.uz/webhp?hl=uz&gl=uz uz uz (Uzbek)
Vanuatu https://www.google.vu/webhp?hl=en&gl=vu vu en (English)
Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of https://www.google.co.ve/webhp?hl=es-419&gl=ve ve es (Spanish)
Viet Nam https://www.google.com.vn/webhp?hl=vi&gl=vn vn vi (Vietnamese)
Virgin Islands, British https://www.google.vg/webhp?hl=en&gl=vg vg en (English)
Virgin Islands, U.S. https://www.google.co.vi/webhp?hl=en&gl=vi vi en (English)
Zambia https://www.google.co.zm/webhp?hl=en&gl=zm zm en (English)
Zimbabwe https://www.google.co.zw/webhp?hl=en&gl=zw zw en (English)

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