Sorry to be late, we could say quoting our beloved italian actor and comedian Massimo Troisi: with an interval of about a month and a half from first episode, here it comes the second Google Search News video, the series published on Google Webmasters’ Youtube channel in which John Mueller recaps all the main developments of the work both on the actual search engine and the entire Google ecosystem.

All the subjects of the new Google Search News recap

A Google newscast of some sort, as we were saying while introducing the whole initiative, with which Mountain View’s team wishes to give a “regular recount” of everything happening and revolving around Search system in order to offer a particular support to webmasters, editors and SEOs. This second episode features both October and November’s main interventions, specifically about Google Site Kit, Search Console ‘s updates, the official launch of the new snippet tags and the final goodbye to Flash.

The release of Google plugin for WordPress

The first subject addressed by the Webmaster Trends Analyst is the plugin specifically developed for the WordPress platform (already exceeding 60K downloads in a few weeks) that “easily links your website or WordPress blog with a series of Google services”.

With Site Kit it takes so little time to verify the site inside the Search Console and to connect to other tools such as Google Analytics, Adsense and PageSpeed insights, while right from the dashboard it is possible to find out how the site is generally trending on the search engine, so to always keep an eye on traffic and other details useful to the project’s growth.

Search Console’s evolution keeps on progressing: all new reports

Over the last few months, Search Console’s updates never stopped and the team actually working on this tool continued to “make easy for anyone to create big web sites gaining fair results in Research”.

Latest features are a report on the site speed, that allows to better understand how this parameter actually affects the site, detecting potential bottle-necks and errors and to fix them; moreover, the performance report now displays more updated data, up to six hours prior, and there are a lot more information about videos posted on the site and for that present on video search system.

The point about Google Conferences all over the world

The videonews then proceeds to recount the latest Google Webmaster Conference events planned over the last few weeks in Singapore, Bangkok and Jakarta, other than – as we told you all – inside the historical house of the Mountain View’s company; by the end of the year there will be two more meetings on calendar, in Zurich and Tel-Aviv, and it is predicted to add many more appointments by 2020.

The all new YouTube series for beginners

John Mueller also mentions the other series newly launched on Google Webmasters’ Youtube channel, accenna anche all’altra serie lanciata sul canale YouTube di Google Webmasters, a.k.a “Search for Beginners“, precisely dedicated to the beginners now approaching the search engine with a site and wishing for simple informations to make their project grow, anticipating that on the next few weeks there will be new specific videos.

Snippet tags are official news

It is not really a news but rather a confirmation, the one regarding snippet tags with which webmasters can notify to Google how much of the onpage content can be displayed inside the “fragments” of SERPs preview: now their use is official, but we already know that over the recent weeks they had a central role mainly for the events tied to Google News France and all the debates with french editors (but not only).

Final goodbye to Flash

The last update point is about Flash technology, no more supported by Google for the indexing: John Mueller says that “Flash brought to us so many cool stuff, like games, web-hosted videos and, obviously, those fancy and interactive sites”, but long time now these features are directly available on HTML pages with a little bit of JavaScript.

So, given the fact that lots of browser do not support Flash contents anymore, the time has come (for Google and maybe everyone else) to say the last goodbye to Flash, that the Googler thanks for having contributed to “make the Web the fantastic and interactive place it is now”.