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SEOZoom is a complete, intuitive and up-to-date SEO Suite that will allow you to analyze, monitor and develop all your website’s potential. With its support you can anticipate trends and solve problems to finally achieve high performances on search engines.

SEOZoom tools are suitable for all kind of professionals in the digital field, from big companies, e-commerce services and Web Agencies, to freelancers, SEO consultants or blogs. With its over 40 features you will be able to acquire a huge amount of info on websites, pages, keywords and market niches, as well as to access data, charts and statistics useful on your activities of decision marketing and strategic for the monitoring of your competitors, with a special support in the writing of SEO-oriented articles. SEOZoom truly is the most effective toolkit to enhance your business and optimize your online project’s organic traffic, results and profits!

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  • Website Trend: monitor the page and the ranking of your keywords
  • Keyword Analysis: discover the most profitable keywords for your project
  • Content Analysis: discover strengths and weaknesses of your Web page contents
  • Competitor Analysis: spy on your competitors and their strategies
  • Backlink Profile Analysis
  • Advanced Keyword Research
  • More effective management of crawl budget
  • SEO Audit to correct errors and avoid to hold back your project
  • Analysis of your competitors’ PPC investments
  • Create a strategy of link earning
  • Editorial plan to manage and optimize publications
  • Control of all data combined with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools