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What Aleyda Solis and Gianluca Fiorelli recommend on our platform

Aleyda Solis

I’m blown away by SEOZoom’s innovative features that I haven’t seen in any other tool: From suggesting content cannibalization issues for your targeted queries, suggesting seasonal terms to target, allowing to do niche focused keyword research, and more! It’s fantastic.

Aleyda Solis, International SEO Consultant and Founder at Orainti

Gianluca Fiorelli

I know SEOZoom since it was available only for the Italian market, and it always impressed me. Now that it’s becoming available in more and more versions, I cannot but having it as a daily tool for precise keyword research, forecasting & enormous size of its KWs database , content planning, content analysis for SEO.

Gianluca Fiorelli, International & Strategic SEO Consultant

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Make better decisions in a click with these tools:

Contents Area

Focus on unexpressed potential

To always have under control a website’s content performance is crucial in order to achieve increasingly better results. This tool analyzes the web pages of your site and groups them according to their performance on search engines so to give you a clear view of what is working and what instead needs your intervention. This unique approach of Seozoom will allow you to always have a proper overview of your website’s performance. Thanks to our content section you will know exactly where to intervene, how to do it and when to delete useless or duplicated pages that waste the Crawl Budget of your website.

The Content Area allows you to easily:

  • fix cannibalization issues
  • optimize high-potential pages
  • find out the most relevant terms used by competitors
  • analyze the content’s shortcomings

Search volumes in real time

To acquire immediate information on the extent of the change in search habits on Google is pivotal for us to stay competitive and promptly intercept new needs and search intents of our users. Coronavirus has totally invalidated the very meaning of the analysis procedures of SEO tools, as the traditional average based on the previous 12 months has no continuity in an absolutely different world scenario. That is why we developed an algorithm that estimates and compares the trend in real time with the monthly average. This feature was created to assess the impact of covid but, working on trends, it may be also useful to predict changes in search volumes for any future event.

Covid-19 Impact allows you to easily:

  • quantify how current news affect the searches
  • immediately know the new needs of users
  • plan more accurate strategies
  • understand when it is time to change your content’s focus

Keyword Infinity

A database growing according to your needs

Make your keyword researches using the richest keyword database for the British market. But that’s not all! SEOZoom, thanks to its Infinity Engine, automatically discovers new keywords starting from the topics that interest you the most, increasingly enriching the database to provide you with endless opportunities.

Keyword Infinity allows you to easily:

  • highlight search intents (Informational, Transactional)
  • find out new keywords after each use
  • explore Google’s Knowledge Graph

Exploit time to your own advantage

Seasonal Keywords is one of the features of our Project section that allows you to plan a strategy on a month-to-month basis, according to the peaks of monthly searches for each keyword. Plan your activity in time, knowing beforehand on which keywords and web pages to bet. Improve the structure of your site and boost in advance the content that will be able to bring you a surge of traffic in the upcoming months.

The Seasonal Keywords tool allows you to easily:

  • filter the main keywords of each month
  • anticipate and plan your SEO activities
  • improve your content by exploiting time for your own benefit
Seasonal Keywords

Niche Investigation

Now you can get to know everything about your niche

This powerful tool is able to perform a complete keyword research, with one simple click, starting from a single website relevant to a specific sector. The tool automatically detects all the direct competitors of the site you indicated and all the keywords currently guaranteeing traffic to each of them. The result of the analysis is an aggregated list of relevant keywords for the sector you are investigating and represents a complete keyword research to base your website’s strategy on.

Niche Investigation allows you to easily:

  • analyze all the relevant keywords of a niche
  • find keywords you never even thought of
  • sort data to find interesting CPCs

And here’s more:
manage your SEO projects with SEOZoom

  • Website Trend: monitor the page and the ranking of your keywords
  • Keyword Analysis: discover the most profitable keywords for your project
  • Content Analysis: discover opportunities and weaknesses of your Web page contents
  • Competitor Analysis: spy on your competitors and their strategies
  • Advanced Keyword Research
  • More effective management of crawl budget
  • SEO Spider to correct errors and avoid to hold back your project
  • Analysis of your competitors’ PPC investments
  • Editorial plan to manage and optimize publications
  • Control of all data combined with Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools