Probably this is not the most useful series of Google guides to those who already have some SEO knowledge or work in the field, given the fact that it is explicitly dedicated to all search engine beginners, but it never fails to offer some kind of interesting inspiration. We are talking about Search for Beginners, indeed, that in its new episode reports us five factors to keep into account in order to make the site more visible on Google.

The five aspects to be more visible on Google

It comes down to five simple tips to remember and put into practice sourcing directly from Mountain View, first and foremost designed for whoever manages online activities concerning business, but that can also be applied to other different fields:

  1. Presence of the site in Google Search.
  2. To provide quality contents.
  3. Promptness and easy access from every kind of device.
  4. Safety.
  5. External support of an SEO specialist.

To verify if Google knows the site

First step is pretty obvious, to check the presence of the site on the search engine and find out if Google knows the site. A previous episode of this same series already explained how to verify the site indexing by performing a “site:” search for the domain: if there are no results and the site does not appear, it means that Google is not aware of its existence.

A similar event can happen when a different site contains a link toward our site, that is though still new and has not been discovered by Google yet. In order to solve the problem, it is recommended to connect to the Google Search Console, perform the verification of domain ownership and submit a sitemap: now, Google will scan the site and detect each page.

Useful resources for online activities

For eCommerces or any kind of site concerning entrepreneurial activities there is an extra option: Google Webmasters video says that “if your business has a physical location, it is important to make sure your website clearly lists information such as the address and store hours, that must be added to an easy-to-find page”. Moreover, using structured data allows us to provide further details about the business, making it easier for Google to find and analyze it.

“That said, this can sometimes take time”, they remind us from Mountain View, but there is a “simple way to make these details available on Google”, a.k.a using Google My Business, the free and easy-to-use tool that allows to manage the way company info appear on every products and apps of Google’s ecosystem, such as Research or Google Maps.

To provide quality contents

Second fundamental knot through which acquire more visibility on Google is to produce quality contents, so nothing really new to whoever regularly reads our blog. According to the video there is a way, though, to make sure that “you are providing high quality contents that appear into relevant searches” and to “provide users the best possible experience”: and that is learning to focus “on what makes your website unique, valuable and engaging“, by checking Google instruction for Webmasters and the indications to build quality sites, so that it will be “easier to Google understand the relevance of your web pages” and make them rank accordingly.

Quick pages easily accessible from every device

Third point of this guide leads us on a more technical topic, this too often covered by our articles: are your site’s contents actually loading fast and are they accessible from any kind of device? Most part of Google searches are performed on smartphones, by now, so it is crucial for the site’s pages to have a quick loading time, to be mobile friendly and optimized for every device.

To guarantee safety

Modern users expect a safe online experience, and site owners have a key role in this: first step is to reinforce the site with a https protocol connection, that keeps the browser or apps safe whenever connected to the site, preventing any ill-intentioned attacker from intercepting any info or transmitted data.

To rely on a SEO specialist

Lastly, the video uploaded on YouTube by Google Webmaster identifies a fifth aspects that can help our visibility on Google: to commision the works of strategical optimization to an SEO, “a professional that can help you improve the visibility and ranking of a website on search engines”, then announcing a future episode entirely dedicated to this topic (that hits so close to home!).

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