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The SEOZoom team is present at many SEO events around Italy and the world: follow our participation in the most important events dedicated to SEO, web marketing and broad spectrum digital themes, from the Web marketing Festival in Rimini to the Netcomm forum in Milan, up to the ZoomDay!

These articles inform you about the appointments in which we are present, give you an overview of the contents at the center of the speeches and make you relive the main moments of professional workshops on SEO and digital marketing.

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SEOZoom al WMF
WMF 2020 turns virtual… and SEOZoom will be there!

Before the Coronavirus completely upset our lives and routines, this was the time of year when we prepared our luggage for the inevitable trip to Rimini, so to take part in the Web Marketing Festival ...

SEOZoom festeggia i 4 anni di attività
Four aces for SEOZoom: we celebrate a special birthday!

We have come a long way since that December 15th 2015, the day of SEOZoom’s official debut, right after the end of a long phase of development and testing: we were the smallest organization in ...

Bilancio di SMXL19 per SEOZoom
SMXL19, a nice tour inside SEO (and not only)

There are a lot of images we are packing up in our suitcase back Milan’s SMXL 2019, but probably two specific ones will forever be etched in our memory, two selfies that perfectly sum up ...

Latest articles

The SEO Show a Napoli, 11 e 12 settembre
The SEO Show, top names of international SEO in Naples

It will be one of the most important SEO and web marketing events of the year here in Italy, with a program full of top names of the world scene and a location of exception: ...

SEOZoom a SMXL Milan 2019
SMXL Milan 2019, SEOZoom up and around!

The countdown is now down to less than a 100 days to the opening of the SMXL Milan event, at its 7th edition, planned from the 5th to the 7th of November at  MiCo – ...

SMXL Milan 2019, programma ufficiale
SMXL Milan 2019, here is the final Agenda of the Event

Microsoft’s Jason Miller, Brendan Kane, Aleyda Solis, Britney Muller and, as if it wasn’t enough, Bill Slawski that, with his 23 years on field, is by far the main and most famous SEO oriented Google ...