How have our priorities changed during this first month of lockdown? But, most of all, how much have our searches on Google changed because of all the control measures against the Coronavirus? And what were the effects on SERPs, on the research volumes of the single keywords and on the different sectors, from tourism to DIY? Now in Seozoom there is an algorithm able to give these results in real time, by analyzing the current search volumes and offering data always up-to-date.

Covid-19 Impact, a new algorithm to measure search volumes in real time

It is called “Covid-19 impact” and it is a feature already integrated within the seasonal graph of keyword analysis, which will allow everyone to acquire clear information and, most of all, real data to understand what is happening to the searches today, practically in real time.

On technical terms, the new “Coronavirus algorithm” – the first ever in the whole world, we really wish to emphasize it! – is able to project the interest shown in the previous 12 months on today’s real scenario using research trends.

How do traffic estimates work

Up until yesterday, in order to have reliable search volumes on any tool it was necessary to wait for Google to collect its estimates and count the actual number of users who carried out certain searches in a month; when the annual statistics were ready, theses information – related to the previous year – could indeed be collected.

So, as you know, all SEO tools so far only offered photographs based on statistical averages related to normal periods. But then came the Coronavirus, a sudden global emergency situation, and it disrupted all our life priorities, including research trends: many things that used to be fundamental to us, now have become completely useless, secondary or impossible to do, such as movie dates, dinners at restaurants or trips.

The impact of the Coronavirus on Google and searches

The Coronavirus totally invalidated the very meaning of SEO tools analysis procedures, because the traditional average based on the previous 12 months has no continuity whatsoever in an absolutely different world scenario, and therefore the search volumes of many keywords were no longer reliable and accurate.

With SEOZoom updated and reliable data

We have always made a difference in Seozoom by working on the quality of the data, and that is exactly what we are offering now: the algorithm “Covid-19 impact” processes keyword data and trends in order to assess how the Coronavirus has actually affected the search volume of any keyword and sector.

Thanks to this new feature you will be able to know beforehand what are the new needs of your users, without waiting for the classic update of search volumes.

A useful feature to set better strategies

For those who manage websites or operate in the digital sector, having immediate information on the extent of the change in search habits on Google is essential to remain competitive and promptly intercept new needs and the new search intent of users. And lots of sites and businesses are being hit hard: they have to try and react immediately, without wasting any more time or months on waiting for data to understand exactly what has changed.

Some examples of variations caused by the Coronavirus

All it takes is a glance at these images to understand and quantify the search variations between regular periods and the current ones.

The keyword travels, which generated 40.500 monthly researches on average, has now dropped to 33.100.

Travels - COVID19 Impact    

The keyword easyjet, that used to generate 3.5 million monthly searches on average, has dropped to 1.5 (almost 60% less).

Easyjet - COVID19 Impact

The keyword homemade bread used to have an average of 1.600 searches, while now generates 673K monthly searches!

Homemade bread - COVID19 Impact


The keyword workout equipment went from an average volume of 390 to over 4.400K!

Workout equipment - COVID19 Impact

It is easy to understand the reason behind these variations, just by thinking about the current situation we are living. Travelling is impossible and surely not the first thought of the people at home (and online tourism is in general one of the sectors that has seen the greatest collapse in terms of research and site visits), while on the contrary it is much more urgent to discover methods to bake bread at home or to keep in shape without a gym, in respect of ordinances and security measures. It is, in short, a concrete demonstration of how and how the search intent affects Google.

To have updated data in real time

Obviously and intuitively, if the interest of the users towards any topic/sector drops, it will consequently happen that the volume of search of all the keywords of that specific field will also decrease drastically. The opposite will happen for emerging sectors.

With Seozoom and the Covid-19 impact, for the first time, you can have real and accurate data on the effects of these trends and new research volumes, so to use them to develop effective strategies of contrast or consolidation.

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