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  • 21 May

    New feature: SEO Spider

    Officially released in Beta the new SEOZoom SEO Spider! As announced by Ivano on the italian Fb group, the new tool for site scanning and monitoring is now active and will allow you to analyze ...

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  • 04 May

    Update: SEOZoom metrics

    Small intervention on the features to display in SEOZoom: now it is possible to read the weekly history of metrics such as Zoom Autorithy, Trust, Stability and Opportunity.

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  • 18 April

    New Feature: Content Section

    Published a new feature, the Content section, which further improves the monitoring of the pages of the site. As written by Ivano on the italian FB group, the intervention comes from a reflection: “Over time ...

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  • 06 April

    Update: Your keyword researches

    As announced by a post on the italian Facebook group, was released a small change to the section “Your keyword researches” which makes it easier and easier to analyze data. Accessing the function appears an ...

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  • 02 April

    New feature: Seasonal keywords

    A new feature in SEOZoom, useful to optimize your strategy of keyword research: the entire project, in the Keyword area you can now launch the analysis of “Seasonal Keywords”, which presents a complete report on ...

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  • 22 March

    Update: Editorial Assistant

    With a post on the italian public FB group, Ivano anticipated the new update that the SEOZoom development team brought to the Editorial Assistant. From now on, when the user inserts the main keyword for ...

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