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  • 05 May

    New Feature: Search Intent Tool

    Released a new algorithm to simplify the management of keyword researches, editorial planning and the writing of optimized content: the Search Intent Tool – active in the sections of keyword analysis, Editorial Assistant and Editorial ...

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  • 09 April

    New Feature: Covid-19 Impact

    Now in SEOZoom there is an algorithm able to analyze the current search volumes and offer up-to-date data. It is called “Covid-19 impact” and is an integrated function within the seasonal graph in keyword analysis, ...

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  • 21 December

    New metric: Topical Zoom Authority

    SEOZoom has developed a new parameter, the Topical Zoom Authority, which manages to classify each site within a topic, basically creating a new ranking and allowing you to know the best site for each online ...

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  • 16 October

    New tool: SEOZoom Domains

    A new SEOZoom tool is born: the Domain Checker! It is a very simplified open tool, without any limit of use, to analyze any domain: by entering the url you can discover the Zoom Authority ...

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  • 27 September

    Update: Content section

    Completely rewrote the algorithm for the analysis of Growing Pages and Dropping Pages in the Content section of the Project area to provide better and more accurate data.

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  • 17 September

    Update: Wordpress Plugin

    Concurrently with the new blogger plan, the development team has completely rewritten the WordPress plugin, inserting new features and solving previous critical points of operation.

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